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Business Rebranding Concept

Responsive Web Design, Brand Guidelines, Logo Design, Hand-Lettering

Nourishment is a Web Design project that is a fully fleshed out rebranding concept. I took an existing business, tweaked the name, and created a whole new set of brand standards. This included a color system, new logos, typography, imagery, and a new website.

I was inspired to refresh this brand, because they are an incredible office of dietitians who are anti-diet culture and support recovery from disorder eating. The existing website uses dull colors and common place typography and branding. However, the site has the potential to be a community hub for the many categories of helpful resources that patients, but really anyone, could make use of. A new look and feel could empower patients who are seeking treatment.

Initial stages of the project included determining brand assets. I hand-lettered a custom alphabet that is seen throughout the brand, and most notably as the main Wordmark logo. The accompanying Blossom Icon serves as a graphic symbol that can be used with the Wordmark but also on its own to spark brand recognition. The 22 page Brand Manual goes through proper usage for the brand assets. 

Web Design

I created the Nourishment website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Coding the website allowed me to explore a variety of design options. It is fully functional and built using responsive web design. So, the site is fluid and looks good at any screen size. The website uses all of the new brand assets with the addition of fun food photography. 

The video below shows a walk-through of the site. I click through the different pages and showcase the response design.

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