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Animated flip through of the 20 page Visitor's Guide informational booklet for the South Side Community Art Center

South Side Community Art Center

Design Team Project

Publication layout and production, Emblem design, Social Media

I had the great privilege of working with the South Side Community Art Center over the course of 6 months. Along with my project team members, Katy Birky and Ronny Baker, we created many different digital and physical assets for SSCAC. In our weekly meetings with the art center's director, we'd go over the objectives for the project, her desired outcomes, and our progress.

The challenge of this project was to take an existing brand and create new assets for the growing art center. SSCAC had recently updated their brand design and website to appeal towards a younger demographic. Their goal was for us to incorporate the design refresh into new informational materials that can be sent out electronically or given out physically to visitors. Also, SSCAC was in need of assets for their upcoming gala in celebration of 80 years of the art center. 

The 80th anniversary emblem was used on the save the date invitations that were mailed out and posted on social media. Special Twitter and Instagram save the date designs were created. Using similar design elements, we worked on refreshing SSCAC's newsletter layout and design using MailChimp.

Our team spent a lot of time working on Visitor's Guide. It is a 20 page booklet that can be flipped through digitally, but is also intended on being printed for certain occasions to give to visitors, guests, or donors. The guide condenses information from SSCAC's website, such as their mission, history, founders, and ways to get involved.

We went through many iterations of cover designs and interior page layouts. Overall, we kept the design consistent with the brand elements on SSCAC's website and found intriguing ways to present the information. 

Shown here is a close up look at the cover, mission and values page, and the typesetting and design for the history timeline pages.

A bifold abbreviated version of the longer booklet that can be easily printed and handed out to large amounts of visitors at the art center

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