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Washington Justice

Football Team Rebranding Concept

Brand Roadmap, Brand Guidelines, Logo Design, Event Graphics

The Washington Football Team, the NFL franchise located in our nation's capital, has retired their old name due to controversy. I took this opportunity to conceptualize a new brand identity for the team. The team name I came up with, Justice, is inspired by the franchise’s desire to be an organization that embodies representation, social responsibility, and equality. I used their existing color palette, but designed a new Courthouse logo that references the Washington, D.C. flag in a dynamic way. I also created many assets and event graphics that showcase the new brand to go along with the brand guidelines manual. My final design is featured on the Washington Football Team's official website. Click here to view it!

I began by doing extensive research on the team's history, contextual information such as competitors and other D.C. sports teams, and what the brand identity of the team will be. I created a Brand Identity Prism that helped guide me towards the values and personality I wanted to capture with my rebrand. This initial process along with early iterations of logo designs, turned into the Brand Roadmap.

The Brand Guidelines is a full 46 page manual outlining all aspects of the new brand. It includes a mission statement, background on the team name, and important values that influence the brand. The assets portion goes through all the different types of logo formats and how to proper use them. There are also pages for the brand colors, typography, custom designed uniforms, photography styles, and touchpoint examples. It is designed to be easy to understand and easy to translate to real life usage.

Along with the Brand Guidelines, the rebrand included making event graphics. I designed name badges, a roll up banner, and posters for the team's annual Welcome Home Luncheon. Creating deliverables for this event allowed me to put the new brand into practice.

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