Washington Justice

Rebranding Concept

Brand Guidelines, Brand Roadmap, Logo Design, Event Graphics

The Washington Football Team, the NFL franchise located in our nation's capital, has retired their old name due to controversy. They have not yet selected a permanent name and logo, so I took this opportunity to conceptualize a new brand identity for the team. 

The team name I came up with is inspired by the location of the franchise in the nation’s capital, the increasingly vital and active participation of football players in important issues affecting our world, and the desire to be an organization that embodies representation, social responsibility, and equality. The name has meaning, is powerful, and is a name fit for a winning football team.




My Process

I began by doing extensive research on the team's history, contextual information such as competitors and other D.C. sports teams, and what the brand identity of the team will be.

I created a Brand Identity Prism that helped guide me towards the values and personality I wanted to capture with my rebrand.

Like many of my projects, I started on pen and paper sketching out different logos that could represent the newly named Washington Justice.

Event Graphics & Assets

In order to envision the brand at its full potential, I created graphics and assets for an event that the Washington Justice would host. The team has an annual luncheon at the beginning of the football season that benefits charitable causes. I conceptualized and created name badges, posters, a roll up banner, and t-shirts for the 2021 Welcome Back Luncheon.