a collection of smart home automation buttons

A successful symbol system has symbols that are all related to each other and have a cohesive look. I envisioned my symbols looking like engraved metal icons. This was going to be a very modern looking style and I needed to pick a theme that would work with this style. I decided on making smart home automation symbols because I could envision these symbols being used in an app to control different functions of a smart home. I designed nine different functions: unlock door, thermostat, fireplace, lock door, home wifi, TV power, fan, garage door, and lights.


It is contemporary, yet the rounded edges of the squares and the symbols give it a polished and softer feel. It was important for me to strike a good balance between foreground and background because my symbols are meant to look engraved from the metal. I made very intentional choices about which forms would be the cut out shapes and which would be the raised shapes.

© 2020 by Jennifer Pollack