a typography book of famous 

design quotes reimagined

into new original quotes

This project was for my typography class. The objective of making this book was to use sans serif and serif typefaces individually and together to create many different layouts of quotes. The two typefaces I used were Futura and Bodoni.

The left hand pages display two or three quotes from famous designers. The right hand pages are new design quotes written by me, made up of the words from the quotes on the left hand side. 

The first four spreads are only Futura. The next five spreads are only Bodoni. The last six spreads combine both Futura and Bodoni. The entire book has a cohesive aesthetic with a simple color pallet. Recurring design elements I used was cropping of large-scale letters, transparency, and repetition.

To flip through the entire book on Issuu, click H E R E

spread sample_white.gif

© 2020 by Jennifer Pollack