I Am From

A poetry poster series

Typography, Photography, Layout Design

This three-part series was based on a poem written by George Ella Lyon. I wrote my own poem using the same format. The elements from my poem and the imagery on the posters reflect different aspects of my life. The design is inspired by Swiss International poster design 


Poster 1

The first poster of the series features the poem I wrote, an edited original photograph of my dining room chandelier, and one sans serif typeface. The typeface I used is Scala Sans. I use a monochromatic color scheme.

Poster 2

The second poster introduces a complimentary color to the palette. The poster consists of the same photograph and poem, but this time uses the matching serif typeface, Scala. I further abstracted the chandelier image and played with movement in regards to the typography.


Poster 3

The third poster has related elements to the first two posters, but instead features a brand new poem made up from stanzas of my own poem and original poems from my peers. This poster uses both Scala and Scala Sans.