Gatorade Horizon

Energy Drink Packaging Concept

Packaging, Branding, Ad Campaign

Gatorade Horizon is a concept for a carbonated energy drink from the well known sports drink brand. I began the conceptualizing for this project with a consumer profile, and kept that profile in mind throughout every design phase. My end user is someone who already drinks Gatorade when playing sports, but wants a mid-day pick me up well suited and professional enough for the office. 

Gatorade Horizon comes in five flavor variations: Orange Citrus, Kiwi Pear, Cherry Melon, Peach Mango, and Berry Mix. Each flavor in the series is distinguished by a different color on the can and small detail changes on the back panel infographics. 

5 cans laying down transparent.png
peach mango - can.png
work mockup.png
cherry melon - can.png
berry mix - can.png
power through your day splash ad.png