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Chicago Architecture

Packaging Series

Packaging Design, Branding, Ad Campaign, Icon Design

The Concept

Imagine if an 82 story skyscraper was downsized to fit inside a box that could be sold on grocery store shelves. My idea was to capture the iconic architecture of Chicago by highlighting some of the most notable buildings in the city and format it into packaging. The package design series features 5 buildings. Each design shows photography, patterns, symbols, and information related to the buildings and their architects. I designed the series in a consistent aesthetic, while still bringing attention to the details which make each building unique.

My Goals

• Test my creativity by packaging something more conceptual as opposed to an actual product

• Present a lot of information about buildings and architecture in a way that is easy to consume

• Focus on specific design components of the buildings and use them in unique and abstract ways

• Create aesthetically pleasing packaging and render mockups that show off its beauty

• Take a 3D object, present it in a 2D way, then display it using a different 3D structure

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